Piano Sheet Music for Beginners: Five Easy Tips

Playing piano is not hard, even if you are a beginner. Here are five easy tips to learn beginner piano sheet music. First know how music is discussed and how it is identified.

Playing the piano — It doesn’t look easy, does it? But it doesn’t have to be hard. There are some important things to learn in the beginning, but once you get started and have the basics, it can be smooth sailing. There are methods to learn and play beginner piano sheet music. Here are five easy tips to help beginners.

Learn What You Need to Know

Learning to play the piano and learning to read beginner piano sheet music can be intimidating. It’s the look of it! Piano sheet music is black and white, with musical notations and symbols that indicate sounds, pitches, and rhythms. In other words, it’s just like trying to read another language and a whole new alphabet. The first tip is to understand the individual parts of the sheet music before you try to understand how it all works together.

Know the Keys on the Keyboard

Middle C is the first key that all beginner learners find. Once you have that key, it is easy to move your fingers across the keys to find the right notes. Assign lettered notes to each key on the keyboard and move from there. Once you learn the notes as they are on the keyboard and as they are represented on the beginner piano sheet music page, it gets a bit easier.  A traditional piano keyboard has 88 keys divided into the same twelve notes that repeat seven times in the same order. This is the basics of beginner piano sheet music language.

Assign numbers to the fingers

Once you have learned the names of the keys, the next step is to identify them as the fingers alone. Go from one side to the other on each hand, starting with the thumb. The thumbs are the first finger, the index fingers are 2, the middle finger 3, and so on from there.

Learn the names of all the keys of the keyboard and how to find those keys on the keyboard with your fingers. It’s much easier to read the new language of musical notations, just as it is with the new method of reading beginner piano sheet music – and the piano tablature method.

Learn and Read Piano Tabs

Piano tablatures is the key to learning to play the piano fast, without needing to learn every skill that Bach and Beethoven had. Piano Tabs make finding and learning the notes easier. It’s an illustrated and color-coded system that teaches skills without teaching musical notation. Once you have named the keys on the keyboard and started to think of your fingers as numbers, playing music becomes more of a method.

Find the joy in it

That doesn’t mean that the joy and beauty of playing music will be gone. This is a starters method of teaching beginner piano sheet music. It is fun because the learning comes more quickly, allowing you to play real songs much sooner than you can with the traditional method.

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