Sean Campbell

Sean Campbell is the founder and creator of Music Lyceum, the world’s first and only piano tablature learning system and the first company to offer a patented alternative to traditional piano sheet music. Campbell designed Music Lyceum in an effort to simplify the learning process and break down the barrier to entry for piano students posed by traditional sheet music.

Campbell’s model teaches students to learn through a tablature process that identifies what each hand and finger should play, allowing the student to learn the song at a pace that would have been impossible using traditional sheet music. Campbell’s tablature system is paving the way for piano students of all ages to feel comfortable and far less discouraged while learning to play the piano.

Campbell opened his music school in 2018, The Music Lyceum, in Santa Monica, California, where he teaches piano, guitar, ukulele, harmonica and bass.

Before inventing the Music Lyceum piano tablature and opening his music school, Campbell learned music theory, harmony and composition from renowned Brazilian guitarist and composer, Oscar Castro Neves. He then went on to learn the art of advanced rhythm and lead guitar pyrotechnics from Carl Verheyen of Supertramp. 

He is also a renowned singer, songwriter and guitarist. He released his first album, Sean Campbell’s “American Dream,” and was also the frontman for the rock and roll power trio Deputy Zero.

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Music obviously runs in this Loggins family. When Cody started working with Sean, a whole new avenue of creativity opened up before him. Here’s what he has to say about it: “Unlocking my passion for creativity has been a massive tool for me in my own personal growth and development. I highly recommend using this program if you have ever wanted to expand your creativity and love of music!”

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Kenny Loggins
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